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Most get simply overwhelmed and do not share their blog. These hacks are to help you make it simple in a way for you to understand and a way for you to find a routine that works for you.
  1. Automated RSS Sharing to Promote

    I love making a blog post and hitting publish knowing that it is automatically going out to the social sites that I set up… plus those keywords I set go viral..

    I personally set up my automatic hacks going to:

    and there are many more neat ones you can set up with hashtags shared inside here:

    Lisa B shares some neat RSS feeder sites like:

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  2. Paid Promotion Hacks

    Many do not explore these options as they may look too complicated at first. It may even take a mentor to really completely test the strategies.

    Here are a couple of references of where you can use your content in paid networks:

    From Neil –

    plus one from Kim –


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  3. Manual Hack

    Doing the manual promotion takes time and a routine. Always know exactly what you want to test and out source it if necessary.

    Here is a spreadsheet that I use that helped me keep track of what I do daily. Hope it helps get you started.

    Be sure to make your own copy that you can edit and apply!

    Watch the training tips I gave inside the Super Women Connection Hangout HERE:

    Ladies are welcome to join the Super Women Connection HERE:

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Obviously you need a blog to be able to share your promotions. It is not as effective to send your copied website out that you can not get people to follow up with you. Make sure that when you do your promotions and shares that you are positioning your content in a way to encourage a way for you to follow up with them so you can track what is working in your routine.
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